Do You Self-Medicate?

Do You Self-Medicate with Alcohol and/or Legal or Illegal Drugs to Deal with Stress?

There is a safer option…

Stress is the result of your natural fight-or-flight response being activated when it shouldn’t be. Whether it’s stress on the job, financial pressure, relationship issues, domestic politics or the threat of natural disasters – when circumstances make us feel out of control, our sense of survival is threatened. When that happens, adrenaline is released to increase strength and speed, while blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate are increased to pump more oxygen to muscles. Even our brains start to limit higher thinking, and focus solely on how to survive the threat or threats at hand.

Unfortunately, many people choose to medicate their flight or fight response with alcohol and/or drugs, but these solutions create stress of their own.

So, instead of medicating, your best strategy is to maintain. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you manage stress, and avoid the harmful physical health conditions that can emerge from stressful living.

As you manage your healthy lifestyle, be sure to include lots of magnesium in your health program. An abundant mineral found in nature, magnesium gives you several stress-reducing advantages that drugs simply do not:

Simple to Use

Magnesium is a wonderfully effective solution for people who occasionally need help or relief from anxiety and stress. Magnesium is easy to purchase, causes no side effects, has no addiction risk, and can be moderated simply and effectively.


Magnesium is free of side effects. That’s a huge advantage compared to toxic prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines, which have a severe withdrawal risk.

Maintain Control

Magnesium does not cause any personality changes, as alcohol and prescription drugs do. Magnesium doesn’t overwhelm your mind and cause severe fatigue, or cause you to feel no anxiety at times when experiencing stress is appropriate. You’ll still be you as you use magnesium and able to function fully, enjoy your life and feel well about your healthful choices.


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